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At the core of Rising Sun Programs

At the core of Rising Sun Programs® and its signature program, The Wealth Club®, is our belief that the ultimate success of our youth is enhanced by teaching “wealth literacy” skills, which include financial well-being and the holistic development of the mind, body and spirit.

We define Wealth Literacy as the ability of an individual, family or community to manage and understand their personal and financial wellbeing.

The Wealth Club® promotes wealth literacy as a life-long journey.  Our unique, interactive curriculum is designed to plant seeds for cultivating essential skills in money management, savings, and investments.  The outcome of the program is a strong foundation for long-term financial success.

Our Model

The key underlying principle of The Wealth Club is that wealth is well-being.  We encourage youth participants to understand wealth holistically.  We operate from the philosophy that true wealth encompasses an individual’s physical, mental, emotional and financial well-being. Wealth incorporates intangible elements such as belief systems, values, and responsibilities to self, family, and community.

As experts in our field, we effectively train peer educators as Wealth Literacy Ambassadors and Coaches.  Upon their completion of our training program, they are ready to create engaging learning environments and inspire members of their community.  Through our trainings, we are able to expand The Wealth Literacy Project and share life-changing information amongst individuals from all walks of life.

Our instructional coaches impart these valuable skills using The Wealth Club Building Blocks System as well as the highly effective curriculum developed by Creative Wealth International and National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE).  The Wealth Club® program can be customized for students, families, specific group interests and formatted for different time frames.

Increased Knowledge

Rising Sun encourages youth to view their lives as a continuous journey. It assists them in the utilization of life skills needed to expand their thinking and awareness, helping them to maximize their potential to become successful, happy, and healthy human beings. The strategies used in all of Rising Suns’ workshops are designed to provide practical tools for moving consciously through the challenges and decisions that comprise everyday life.

Interactive Activities

Critical, practical ideals such as having the courage to try; fairness and kindness; identifying dreams and goals and broadening horizons support the physical, intellectual, social and emotional self. The financial literacy component is designed to plant seeds cultivating essential skills in money management, savings and investments. It lays the ground work and a strong foundation toward financial success for youth and young adults. Youth learn that smart money habits are an essential key to creating financial freedom.

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Life-long Practical Skills

The ‘spirit’ component of The Wealth Club® explores intrapersonal and interpersonal responsibility, environmental stewardship and tapping into our inner power. When youth are supported with innovative tools and strategies and accelerated learning techniques; they gain both clarity and direction needed for successfully navigating life.

The curricula selected for The Wealth Club® underlie Rising Sun’s core belief and principles that positive thoughts lead to positive actions, positive actions lead to positive feelings about yourself, and positive feelings lead to more positive thoughts and actions. The curriculum addresses life’s big questions such as Who Am I?; Who Am I Physically & Intellectually?; and, “Who Am I As a Manager of Myself?”

Our middle school student participants will use the highly popular curriculum developed by Creative Wealth International. It can be customized for families, specific group interests and formatted for different time frames. It shows you:

  • How beliefs and attitudes influence wealth potential
  • Why money is simply a form of energy
  • How to manage money effectively when spending, saving, investing and donating
  • How to make money work for you
  • How to build financial independence using stocks, business and real estate
  • Wonderful ways to use money to support family and community

High school students will use the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) High School Financial Planning Program. This dynamic curriculum offers:

  • Your financial plan: Where it all begins
  • Budgeting: making the most of your money
  • Investing: making money work for you
  • Good debt, bad debt: using credit wisely
  • Your money: keeping it safe and secure
  • Insurance: protecting what you have
  • Career: doing what matters most

Rising Sun’s creative approach to financial literacy offers many tools and teaches skills needed to reach financial freedom. The program’s well-being principles are valuable, holistic and practical. We collaborate with outstanding professionals, from the Washington metropolitan area’s financial institutions, who provide supplemental information, instruction and practical applications for achieving financial goals.

One Month Challenge

Sign up now for the One Month Challenge – 31 days of thoughts and actions representing some of the wealth literacy™ principles shared by master coaches, Dr. Charlene Day, Jodi Mezzanotte and Mozella Perry Ademiluyi.
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Learn more about The Wealth Literacy Project:

The Wealth Club® is an expanding group of interdependent communities learning to achieve personal and financial well-being. The vision of The Wealth Literacy Project is to grow The Wealth Club® locally, nationally and globally, one learning community at a time.

Donations accepted at The Wealth Literacy Project Fund at The Community Foundation

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10319 Westlake Drive #141

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The Wealth Club Internship Openings

Position Summary

 The Wealth Club® has five openings for unpaid Interns with strong writing skills and familiarity with social media channels (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook). Our competitive internship program features a flexible work schedule, hands-on work experience, and an invaluable Wealth Literacy Coach training program. We are presently in need of creative and inspired Interns who are self-starters and have a passion for critical life skills such as financial literacy and working with youth populations. We’re looking for Interns willing to work 5-15 hours per week and who will commit to a three-month internship.


Rising Sun Programs headquarters is located in Montgomery County and serves youth and families throughout the greater Washington DC metropolitan area. Interns will primarily work remotely with availability via Skype, email, and phone during working hours. If you’re an Undergraduate or a Graduate student pursuing a degree in finance, accounting or marketing and interested in this great opportunity, please forward your resume today to for immediate consideration.

To become a coach or inquire about the coaches training for your students or members of your organization, email us at or make a inquiry through our web form.

If you are interested in volunteering with Rising Sun Programs and contributing to the betterment of your community, contact us at or inquire through our contact us form.

You may donate directly through PayPal or through The Wealth Literacy Project Fund at The Community Foundation

note: The Wealth Literacy Project is a component fund of The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region.

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