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To be a catalyst for the development and growth of youth and young adults

WHY The Wealth Club?


— We Have Expertise

All team members have successfully demonstrated mastery of their subject matter expertise and are trained to deliver challenging content within a creative context in keeping with our unique “Rising Sun Programs” brand. 


— We Provide Services

The services of Rising Sun Programs fall within two broad categories: (1) Delivery of The Wealth Club® educational programs to youth, young adults, and women; (2) Providing technical assistance training to organizations serving youth, young adults, and women in a context similar to that of Rising Sun Programs.


— We Strengthen

We offer personal growth and development training opportunities for youth, young adults and women. Our wealth literacy programs utilize innovative methodologies that combine both experiential and didactic learning modalities in a highly interactive environment. 


— We Educate

All Wealth Club programs are uniquely designed to educate, inspire and entertain. Participants gain valuable knowledge and experiences that heighten their awareness of life as a continuous educational adventure. 


— We Train

Coaching is available on the unique curricula content and context adapted for innovative use by Rising Sun Programs. Webinars, train-the-trainer workshops and peer educator training experiences are also available to interested educators, facilitators, parents, and youth.


— We Consult

In addition to its work in the United States, Rising Sun Programs has received accolades from the American International School. In the fall, 2007, The Wealth Club financial literacy workshop was introduced to students in grades 9-11 at the American International School Abuja (AISA) in Nigeria, West Africa.

Rising Sun 's Story

RS Programs - Cultural and Educational

Every story has a beginning and ours occurred over 24 years ago on January 31, 1988! It’s easy to remember this date as the inspired thought about Rising Sun happened on the way to watch the famed Redskins game win with quarterback Doug Williams.

In the 1990s, we performed various in house programs with a few District of Columbia schools, conducting book drives, encouraging reading and exposure to other cultures of the world.

In the 1999-2000 academic school year, Dr. Charlene Day and Mozella P. Ademiluyi ran a pilot program: “Far Away Friends Club”. We connected children in grade 2 across continents in two private schools, one in Washington D.C., the other Lagos, Nigeria. Through hand written letters, videos, and gift swaps, these children exchanged valuable information and a feeling for each others lives. It was a rich cultural learning experience for all!

With the help of a $25,000 matching grant from The Ford Foundation, Rising Sun and Cultural and Educational Programs moved forward to another long held offering to impact youth at the life skills, self-empowerment level. We began our first residential weekend retreat in October 2005 with nine young ladies. It was an exciting weekend, held on the exquisite 88 acre site of the William F. Bolger Center For Leadership Development in Potomac, Maryland. Highly successful retreat/workshops were also held in winter and spring, 2006. Through hands on activities and facilitator led discussions, the participants were exposed to: how to make informed decisions and set goals; how to practice self care; the levels of responsibility; development of smart money habits; presentation and etiquette skills and more.

In summer 2007, Rising Sun initiated an intensive, yet entertaining, financial literacy program in Washington D.C. and Chevy Chase, Maryland. In September 2007 it conducted a highly successful financial literacy workshop for Grades 9-11 at the American International School, Abuja, Nigeria, West Africa. These programs were very well received at our national and international locations.

Local corporate sponsorship was gratefully received for the U.S. programs through the generous contributions from Radio One and BB&T.

Our RISING SUN financial literacy program primarily utilizes the educational formats of the acclaimed “Camp Millionaire” (formerly The Money Camp) and the “NEFE” (The National Endowment for Financial Education) programs. Both curricula comply with the National Standards in K-12 Personal Finance Education created and maintained by the JumpStart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy.

Our program reflects the concept that “wealth” is “well-being” on all levels of our existence. It utilizes some of the most outstanding curricula available and is tailored to meet the collective needs of our participants.

Our seasonal residential weekend retreats for youth will continue to be held in fall, winter and spring of each year. All sessions are facilitated by professional presenters and speakers. Each retreat is designed to enhance their experiential learning and understanding of well-being as it relates to their minds, bodies, emotions, and finances. During the weekend initiatives, the financial literacy program is customized over the seasonal sessions.

In the future, our plans include a cultural travel program for youth and their parents. Travel is tremendous education in itself, especially when it is tailored for educational purposes. Simply put, it broadens horizons and teaches tolerance and appreciation of other people and their world.

What Rising Sun Programs® is Really About….

It’s truly our privilege and honor to positively touch and impact any one person’s life. Who knows, that one youth may be destined to touch the lives of hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions…making this story a story which has no end…

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